PR.R : ProRacing.Research

PR.R is the research applied for the development of cycling outfits for professional use.

High performance cyclinggear mainly developed for professional riders as for amateurs who are looking for a maximum of comfort.

The PR.R products are the result of experiences with the best professional teams in the world throughout the years. After many years of intensive cooperation with champions and professional riders, their feedback resulted in a continuously improvement of our collections.

The outfits with the PR.R logos are our premium collection where an advanced technology is being used. You will notice the difference in the fabrics (super functional) and in the ergonomic cut which are based on the most modern production techniques.

The levity (very light-weighted), the performance and the ergonomic cut of the outfits are the three principles of the PR.R collection. These characteristics give you an optimal protection and have an exceptional breathability.