Corporate Social Responsibility

“We will develop the world’s best cycling wear!”

The expression of founder Frans Verbeeck still counts today. But there is more to the word “best” than it seems. Not only the quality of the clothing is important but also the impact on the society matters.

Vermarc Sport is a Belgian company that takes its responsibility to produce cycling clothing in an ethical responsible environment with a minimal impact on the planet.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) consists out of three principles: Profit, People and Planet. These three elements are strongly connected. Below is a brief explanation of how Vermarc Sport applies the CSR-policy in their organization.


Vermarc Sport has a 29-year-old collaboration with a supplier in Italy. This Italian production house started a new production department in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Albania last year. Today 80 % of the cycling bib shorts and jerseys are produced in Italy, 10 % in Bosnia-Herzegovina/Albania and 10 % in a Belgian company. Because of the long-term relation with direct suppliers, effective and sustainable improvements of the labor conditions are assured.

By keeping the production in Europe, and not in Asia, the transport pollution is reduced.

Living wage

Vermarc Sport takes its responsibility to produce the cycling garment in fair labor conditions.

Average lead time: 8 weeks

Unlike other companies that put more and more pressure on their suppliers to deliver the clothing very fast, Vermarc Sport respects an average lead time of 8 weeks. In this way the workload decreases and the quality is guaranteed.

Code of conduct

The Italian production house closely follows a code of conduct based on the fundamental ILO-values (ILO = International Labor Organization). The code of conduct is placed in different areas in the factory. Below is a brief summary of this code of conduct:

  • Voluntary employment

  • No discrimination based on gender or religion

  • Freedom of rights. CAO (Collective Labor Agreement) is respected

  • Punctual salary payments. Right to legal vacation

  • Legal minimum wage is respected

  • Work time and working overtime is respected

  • Work is delivered on an average basis to ensure job security

  • Safe working environment, sanitary facilities;* Minimal impact on the climate.

  • Trade union freedom & long-term contracts

The Italian factory counts different independent trade unions (CGIL and CISL). 75 % of the employers has a permanent contract. Because of the trade unions and the long-term contracts there is room for social dialogue. The employers have their say in the daily policy of the business.

Do not hesitate to contact Vermarc Sport if you wish to attain more information of the efforts Vermarc Sport delivers concerning corporate social responsibility.