Another year, another collection and we are proud to present you five brand new collections all made out of our high quality lines. The collections are designed for different types of cyclists and all follow the Vermarc Sport philosophy. The experience and knowledge we provided since the beginning of Vermarc Sport lead us to continuous changes and improvements in our collections and lines.

Together with professional riders we updated our Elite PR.R line. What are the requirements for riders today? And how can we make our lines more ergonomic and innovative? With this professional feedback we updated the PR.R line with second skin sleeves, a blind zipper, extra lightweight garment sides and a new type of back pocket.

Our philosophy says that we want every cyclist to feel the greatest possible freedom of movement with outstanding quality clothing. And so we would like to share this with passionate cyclists like you.

Solid is a colorful, minimalistic and timeless collection where all details matter. Designed with a detailed sleeve and a nice surprise in the zipper with subtle reflective elements. This collection was made to Enjoy your ride to the fullest.
In this collection: A PR.R short sleeve jersey, a PR.R long sleeve jersey and a PR.R technical vest.

ZigZag made out of our updated PR.R line, designed with an aerodynamic slim fit forming a second skin. This PR.R line takes more and more innovative, more ergonomic and lighter garments to meet the highest requirements of the professional riders.
In this collection: A short sleeve PR.R jersey in three different colours.


The other three collections are assembled from our premium SP.L line and comfort ES.L line. The premium SP.L line benefits of the immense professional testing and research of Vermarc’s premium collection and gives a unique proposition on performance and comfort. The comfort ES.L line offers a unique Vermarc quality and comfort to meet the technical questions of cyclists of all levels and for the most diverse type of riders.

Sting is the aero collection made for the fastest, brightest and most aerodynamic cyclists.
In this collection: A SP.L short sleeve aero jersey, a SP.L long sleeve jersey, a SP.L non bib short, a ES.L mid-season vest and a ES.L Panty

Puntino was made for the cyclists who ride like a hero and don’t need the extraordinary to stand out. The contemporary graphic style and colors accentuate the sportive and slim fit.

In this collection: A short sleeve SP.L jersey in three different colours.

Les Coureurs is designed for the rebellions, for the Sunday rides with your friends. The combination of typography and subtle white and gold details make this design very bright and 2020’s.

In this collection: A SP.L short sleeve aero jersey, a SP.L long sleeve jersey, a SP.L non bib short, a ES.L mid-season vest and a ES.L Panty

We hope to inspire you with these new collections and wish you a very sportive season.